Privacy Policy

  1. Data Protection legislative requirements
    1. The Data Protection Act and related legislation lay down strict rules about the way in which data about people is kept and used by all organisations. These include the Glossop Concert Society and the Glossop Music Festival (together referred to below as “GMF”).
    2. The principle requirements are that all personal data is processed fairly, only used for lawful purposes, is adequate and not excessive, is kept up to date, is not kept for longer than is required and is processed in accordance with the rights of “data subjects” (i.e. the people about whom the data is held). It is to be noted, incidentally, that these requirements do not apply to information about companies.
    3. There are requirements for registering with the “Information Commissioner” set out in the legislation. However, GMF has reviewed these requirements, and checked with the Information Commissioner’s website and the self-assessment test there. As a result, it has concluded that none of the data with which it deals is held in such a way as to result in a need for formal registration of GMF. Accordingly, and by virtue of a conscious and deliberate decision, GMF is not registered with the Commissioner’s office. GMF accepts that it must – as it does – comply with the principles set out in the legislation.
    4. Contact details for the Information Commissioner are: Address: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. Telephone Helpline: 0303 123 1113. Fax: 01625 545510. E-mail:
    5. This policy is accessible to anyone who requests to see it in a hard copy format, and it will be displayed on the GMF website so as to demonstrate openness and accessibility.
    6. In 2018 new Regulations (the General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR) have come into effect as from 25 May 2018. These have necessitated a review of data held by GMF and this has been done. In the light of that a Privacy Assessment has been carried out.
  1. How GMF handles Personal Data
    1. GMF seeks to ensure that when it collects personal information from people, the intended use of this information will be explained, and it will be made clear that it will only be used for those purposes. If information is to be used in any other way then a separate and specific further consent will be sought from the relevant data subject (the person to whom the information relates).
    2. The information held by GMF includes the following: general information such as contact details for people who have provided their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. This information will generally be about people and groups and particularly those who have attended or currently attend GMF concerts and events, information about donors, information about Friends of the Festival, trustees (GMF Board Members), musicians and other professional artists, and the Artistic Director and his or her colleagues. The charity has no employees as such.
    3. Much of this information is required to help notify people and audiences about future and pending events, to promote the activities of the Festival, to service relationships with sponsors and to relate to outside and other bodies with which the Festival has regular contact.
    4. The Festival does not have a formal office. Much of this information is therefore held by the Artistic Director or the Assistant Artistic Director, or by individual trustees on their personal computers. From time to time, some limited manual data may also be held on files kept by those individuals. Each is required to maintain security in their homes in respect of all this data. All such people are instructed about these requirements and are provided with copies of this Policy.
    5. Neither GMF nor any of those persons identified above transfers any of this data to others outside the organisation electronically. GMF neither does, nor intends, to sell any lists containing data to any other bodies, nor does it undertake credit checks. It will not embark on selling of such information.
    6. In some instances some very specific information is also held, including for example bank account details, personal and organisation references and information, but only for legitimate purposes and for making payments or similar uses. 
  1. Access to Data held by GMF
    1. If any person believes that GMF holds data about them and makes a request for it, that data in question will be made available to the person concerned in electronic format and within 30 days of the request being made. 
  1. Processes involving mass circulation
    1. When mailings are undertaken to promote Festival events or when communications are sent to any persons outside the Festival, all such mailings will be conducted in such a  manner as to ensure that individual personal details (including email addresses) are not disclosed to any other (or third) parties. Marketing emails are sent through Mailchimp which complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.  
  1. Text to be printed on Documents that seek Personal Information
    1. The following narrative will appear on all documents used by GMF that require the provision of personal information: “Any information provided to GMF will be held securely and, if you have opted in to receive marketing information, may be used to inform you about GMF’s future events. Your data may also be processed in order to inform our future strategy.             

This Policy was adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Society and Festival on 25 May 2018

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