Violinist Paulette Bayley appears at our 2022 Summer Festival which takes place between 13-18 June. We caught up with her to find out more! 

Paulette Bayley, violin

What is your favourite piece of music?
So difficult! I’ve given another answer later…

A favourite memory from a previous Glossop Music Festival?
I have so many fond memories of Glossop Music Festival. What could be better than making music with lovely friends and exceptional musicians for a warm enthusiastic audience of friends and family members? If I have to pinpoint one particular favourite memory, it would be watching my (step)sons‘ clear delight during a concert when we were playing Dvorak String Serenade. They were sat on the front row with the other children and they were completely gripped by the music that was being played. My younger (step)son still talks about Dvorak Serenade. In fact I think it‘s on his Spotify playlist! It makes me really happy to think that our performance introduced him to this beautiful piece…

Any hobbies?
I have a busy professional and family life which unfortunately doesn‘t leave me a lot of time for hobbies. If I do have a window in my diary I love to exercise. No matter how tired I am after playing all day my mind and body feel refreshed after I have been for a run. It gives me the opportunity to be mindful and ’tidy’ up my laden brain! I don‘t listen to music or spoken word, I just run and let my thoughts run with me.

Your career highlight so far (not just GMF!)
One of many career highlights from my 18 years of being a member of the Hallé will have to be performing Wagner’s Parsifal. If I‘m honest I‘m not sure I fully ’understood‘ the work during our orchestral rehearsals. It was only when bass Sir John Tomlinson joined us that it came to life. I had shivers down my spine when he sang. He was stood right next to me and I felt as if he was singing to me!

Because I can‘t possibly answer question 1, I‘ll add a more recent career highlight! The Hallé’s first large-scale post covid project was Mahler‘s 3rd Symphony. As performers and audience members alike we were starved of culture. After years of no live performances then small-scale socially distanced projects, we were finally able to play a large scale work! There was a nervous energy backstage and the atmosphere in the hall was one of anticipation. Our amazing soloist Alice Coote was visibly moved as she sang. Tears of grief, joy and relief were shared. Live music was back!

You can find out more about the festival by visiting our website, or buy tickets now from Ticketsource.